Zodiac Signs Coloring Pages


People have always looked up to the sky and watched the stars. Astronomers have studied the motion of the planets and other celestial bodies. Zodiac signs coloring pages for kids and teenagers will be interesting for expanding their horizons, conceptual apparatus and relaxing while coloring beautiful illustrations. Smooth lines, repeating elements, abstract patterns can be colored online or on paper.


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Zodiac signs Coloring pages for kids – what to tell about the stars

Astrology and astronomy are inseparable if we want to plunge a little into the atmosphere of stellar secrets. Astronomy existed already in the Middle Ages, when arithmetic, music and geometry were known and studied. Even ancient navigators used the constellations for orientation. The Babylonians and Greeks actively developed science. They revered astronomy above physics and chemistry. So what is the zodiac circle?
The projection of the starry sky onto a plane is depicted as a zodiac circle, which is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees. Each region is assigned metaphysical properties related to the strength of the influence of the planets of the solar system on each region. At the birth of a person, the sun in the sky is located at a certain point in the starry sky. when this point is projected onto the star circle, it is determined that it belongs to one or another of its sectors. But the sun is not the only planet that is described by the properties of a person’s personality. The zodiacal circle contains the projections of all the planets that are in our solar system. It’s like a snapshot at the time of a person’s birth. Each planet is strictly in its place of the stellar projection. We used to say: I was born on September 9, I’m a Virgo. This means that a person has the Sun in Virgo. You can find out the location of other planets from an astrologer or in an astrological public program. All calculations are the same, as they are built strictly on astronomical data. Thus, to know that you are Aquarius means to know that your Sun is in Aquarius. A story about each planet of your zodiac circle, about their relationships and influences on your personality, environment, realization – this is a human horoscope.
The coloring pages of the collection are divided into 2 parts: for children and teenagers. They differ in the number of areas in the illustration, the thickness of the lines, the meaning of the plots, and the level of abstraction. The technical department has worked on making the coloring pages easy to color online in different modes or print in high resolution. Click on the easel, change the coloring modes. Coloring pages can be a game by numbers, by letters, by mathematical examples and symbols. We wish you interesting coloring!

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