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What we do

Persimmons Studio team creates sites & apps which through creativity give people a sense of freedom, the energy of learning, discovery and inspired movement toward their intended goals. 

Each illustration is replete with the creativity energy which helps to find a way to oneself and to get harmony.

By combining the talent of artists and the professionalism of programmers, we managed to create illustrations that can be painted with realistic drawing tools or where it is possible to play by numbers, letters and more! We carefully and attentively create coloring pages of different levels of complexity and with different themes. We set interesting tasks for adults and children in new coloring games every day! 

A paid subscription provides an access to an incredibly large collection of illustrations with varying levels of detail and allows using all the palettes for coloring. Without a subscription, all the game features of the app work for free illustrations or with access after watching ads using free palettes.

Persimmons Studio’s mission

Persimmons Studio’s mission is to deliver an enjoyable entertainment experience to people around the world.

Three reasons why we do this.

  1. Understanding oneself should be everyone’s main goal. To understand your inner world, your abilities, inclinations, desires, and interests. Creativity helps to achieve harmony within oneself.
  2. Kids want to know as much about this world as possible. In the process of coloring, each child tries on the role of the person they are coloring and imagines the world around them. This is what learning about the world around them is all about. And the more knowledge, the faster the child develops.
  3. And why do some kids dislike coloring? If you ask a child, you will hear many different versions of the same answer. It simply doesn’t work out for your child. And we all want to be the best! And that’s why we’ve made coloring pages that any child can handle. That’s one thing. And, secondly, the kid can develop concentration, and diligence. You can print out the coloring pages or show your child how to color them online using examples. That means that very soon they will be able to gladly show their first very beautiful coloring pages! And then, further on, they will be interested in learning about the world without fear of whether they will succeed or not! It’s already done! So call your child and start creating wonders together!


Contact Us

Persimmons Studio, 12130 12142, Ukmergės g. 369, Vilnius 12107, Lithuania.

If you have questions about personal information and data protection, or if you have any requests for resolving issues with your personal information, we encourage you to contact us at: Email:  copyright@coloring-for-kids.com or info@coloring-for-kids.com

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