Vegetables coloring pages


Vegetables coloring pages for Kids is both entertainment and a tool for learning about the world around us. Such drawings are suitable even for those who still do not know how to hold brushes and pencils correctly. Large, with clearly traced contours of the picture, it is very convenient to paint with finger paints. All pictures can be printed, downloaded for free or colored online directly on the site. No more than two colors are required to color one drawing. Therefore, it will be easy for a small child to learn the names of the primary colors. If a young artist ruins the work – it’s not scary. One click of the mouse button – and at his disposal a new coloring.


Vegetables coloring page for kids 3-4 years old online and printable

Kids will be interested in painting pictures online. All coloring pages are divided into numbered segments. Each number has its own color. It is worth clicking on the shaded area, and it will automatically be painted over. To choose colors for drawing online yourself, just click on the right vertical panel, which shows the artist’s tools: an eraser and a brush, a felt-tip pen and a can of paint. By changing shades and colors, you can tell your child interesting stories about each vegetable: explain how, as they ripen, a green tomato turns red, and an eggplant acquires the desired familiar dark purple hue. At the same time, the cucumber remains green, and the carrot remains red.
All pictures can be printed for free. Large contours will be clearly visible. On printed pictures with vegetables, it is convenient to show how, by changing the color intensity, create a shadow effect. Just a few touches will add shine to appetizing red peppers, imitate sun glare on cabbage leaves.
In addition to coloring pages about vegetables, we also have illustrations with fruits, berries, and for teenage children, more detailed pictures with animals and fantastic characters. Coloring will instill in your child a love of creativity, help improve fine motor skills and learn how to harmoniously combine colors.

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