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Among children of all ages, coloring pages are very popular, the choice of which today is wide and varied. And if girls, as gentle creatures, love cute and touching coloring in the form of flowers, princesses, cartoon characters and fairy tales, then boys, as future men and defenders of their homeland, prefer more serious topics, one of which is military. Technique coloring pages are a favorite activity of many boys from toddlers to schoolchildren. And even dads are often happy to join their sons, remembering their childhood, favorite toys and activities.


Tanks coloring pages – print or play online with benefit

The benefits of coloring section illustrations can be significantly multiplied. If a child is fond of military equipment, while drawing and coloring military equipment, tell him fascinating stories from the era of tank building, about the importance of armored vehicles in difficult wartime, about the importance of crew coherence. After all, combat vehicles have always been the main strike force of ground offensive operations and in many ways played a decisive role in the outcome of the Great Wars. The catalog of online coloring pages presents a variety of images of vehicles in black and white. Painting and enlivening the drawings with different colors, the boys feel like real men and heroes: the IS 7 is the most powerful combat vehicle of its time and one of the heaviest vehicles designed to break through the powerful defensive lines of the enemy; a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun equipped with a solid ammunition load, which significantly increases the total rate of fire from weapons at enemy forces; combat Tiger – the most powerful, heavy, armored, with amazing protection, significant firepower, excellent mobility and visibility; fast Panther – according to Western historians, this is one of the most famous of the Second World War, developed as a response to the appearance of the Soviet T-34 on the front lines; KB 1 – Soviet heavy military vehicle with anti-cannon armor and two turrets; T90 Vladimir – the result of a deep modernization of the main combat T-72B; T28 – medium complex combat vehicle with three turrets, excellent cannon and machine gun armament and bulletproof armor;
On our coloring site, you can color the drawing you like online or download the image to your computer and print it, allowing the child to independently create his own collection of drawings of combat vehicles. Change modes on the easel, choose coloring by numbers, letter by letter or magical modes with math problems. Tower, cannon, caterpillars, and under the armor beats the heart, the engine of the combat vehicle. Share the result with your friends on social networks directly through the site.

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