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Collection Space Coloring Pages – high quality printable and online pictures about stars, planets, spaceships, astronauts and many more unknown things in the Universe. Immediately after the coloring pages, useful information for kids about what surrounds our planet is presented. All illustrations are designed for toddlers to make learning about the origin of the universe fun.


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Space coloring pages – coloring and learning useful

Space begins above the level of 100 km above the Earth. But what is it? Raising our head up to the sky, at night in clear time we see a huge number of stars. Star clusters form galaxies. Galaxies form clusters of galaxies. Humans live in the solar system, around a huge star called the Sun. Our galaxy is part of a group called the Milky Way. The 9 planets of our solar system are located around the Sun. Tell the kid what kind of planets they are, using coloring pages of different levels of drawing complexity. Coloring pages of the planets Earth, Venus, Neptune and others will also appeal to kids. Earth is the third planet from the center of our galaxy. But what is space? The vast empty spaces between celestial bodies in the sky are called space. The spaces between galaxies, universes, stars and planets – all this is space. There are many unknowns in space. Choose and color with kids coloring pages about space black holes, constellations, spaceships and rocket launch into deep space. An exciting space journey from our artists begins!

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