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According to legend, pizza originated in Italy, where Raffaele Esposito made it so delicious for the first time. Herb cakes, reminiscent of a modern dish, were baked by the ancient Romans and Greeks. These were tortillas with cheese, herbs and olives. But the Italian added tomatoes, which had previously been considered poisonous. But America at that time began to actively export them around the world. Pietro’s Pizzeria was the world’s first place to make delicious tomato tortillas. In 1889, the Queen of Naples tasted unusual delicacies and gave a thumbs up for such a dish. The Neapolitan way of cooking has become recognized all over the world. Pizza coloring pages for kids – high quality pictures of the most delicious cooking options for this dish.


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Pizza coloring pages and benefits for children

Coloring pictures, children will be interested to know the history of occurrence
New words in vocabulary. See how many ingredients in pizza besides dough, cheese and tomatoes: champignons and shrimp, pepperoni sausages, sweet peppers and fragrant basil and arugula leaves. What is the name of the place where this food is prepared? What is the name of the chef who cooks it? What appliance is used in the kitchen to heat it up? What is in the box?
Knowledge about geometric shapes is repeated: circle, triangle, square (box for delivery of the dish).
The story about the preparation of the dish will be interesting while coloring its different versions.
All delicious cake coloring pages can be colorized online by letter, by number or on paper. Download, color in patterns or add your own ingredients to your favorite treat.

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