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The expression of emotions is necessary for both children and adults. Collection of Mojipops Coloring pages are animated objects around us in the form of minifigures. Each character has emotions, like people: they are happy and sad, smiling and angry. Each figure has two faces that can be changed. Faces can be changed by characters. Our artists have prepared their own version of emotions for animated objects. Look how bright and fun they turned out!


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MojiPops coloring pages and their benefits for children

The collection of pictures contains all the heroes of the season: pets, home, nature, travel, music, food, sports and rare characters.
All minifigures are available to color online and download. They can be shared with friends, saved on your phone or computer desktop. The image of your favorite hero will always be there.
The bright outlines of the pictures will give children confidence that they can accurately paint over areas of the illustration.
The ability to color by letters and numbers will add interest to the game and communication with animated characters.
Children will be able to color according to pre-made color templates or how they feel the character and his emotion.
The minifigures coloring pages can be colored in different ways to make a whole collection of fashions and moods.
Think of a story about the minifigure with your child as you color.
Invite the children to color the Ami camera, which is sad today. We should introduce him to the Picka guitar, which is in a great mood. Why did Aero Helicopter close its eyes? Did he fly far? Or maybe he’s sad? Why is Ticky’s alarm clock so frowning today? Why are Pineapple Pipples so excited today? Draw online from an illustrator or create your own color schemes. Print pictures and build a collection. All heroes are already waiting for you on the pages of the collection!

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