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Collection of Minecraft Coloring Pages – high quality pictures of game characters to color online or print. Through play, children learn the laws of the world around them. To build a house, you need to get resources: earth, water, sand. Accurate calculation of materials is important in the construction of any structure. The image or architecture of the building should be thought out in advance so that the resulting structure is beautiful. A cart that can transport heroes, that is so convenient to travel on, travels fast. Therefore, it is necessary to make turns smooth. Otherwise, it will fall on a sharp turn at high speed, just like in real life. In order to have food, it is necessary to raise domestic animals. Pets need care, they need to be fed. In the game, you constantly need to think through actions in advance, make calculations of resources, think over what materials are needed.


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Minecraft coloring pages: Description of characters

As part of the game, in addition to characters that can be found constantly, there are mobs. It is they who help the heroes develop. You can create your own heroes. A small cheat sheet for parents about the features of the main characters of the coloring collection.
Steve is a boy in a blue shirt, the main character. He knows how to fight evil creatures, knows how to build, grow and extract minerals. Alex is a girl with red hair in a green shirt. The female equivalent of Steve.
Steve has enemies. The Creeper is a vicious little creature that moves quickly and explodes when approached. Freddy is a pizzeria robot doll. During the day, Freddie has fun with the children, at night it becomes a nightmare. The Ender Dragon is an evil and dangerous enemy that destroys the blocks it flies through. He has over 200 lives.
Mobs are any living creatures in the game: fox, cow, horse, pig, ocelot, wolf, chicken. Minecraft Ocelot is a kind mob, it can be seen in the jungle biome. He is shy and runs away abruptly at the slightest danger.
But there are also evil and dangerous mobs: zombies, witch, skeleton, destroyer.
Hostile mobs – zombies, skeleton, robber, witch, destroyer, bosses and others. A zombie is a reanimated deceased person who has no control over his body. This is the enemy of Alex, Steve and other residents. The skeleton is an enemy to be feared. He shoots dangerous arrows at great speed. You can see it in a dark area or at night. The witch is an evil mob that can attack remotely using potions for this.
The iron golem is one of the strong neutral mobs. It helps players defend themselves against evil mobs. Pickaxe – helps to extract minerals.
This is the main list of Minecraft characters that the kid knows. Children learn to deal with different situations: encountering spiders, lack of resources, the amount of water for an artificial pond near the house. Color in drawings with your favorite characters to relax and practice fine motor skills with your little ones. And at the same time, discuss what kind of house they built and how they coped with a new interesting task, color and compose interesting stories according to the coloring pages of the collection.

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