Mandala coloring pages for Kids


A collection of Mandala coloring pages for Kids – black and white drawings of the transposed thoughts, values, aspirations of a person in the form of a circle, the most stable geometric form. Illustrations can be found in the cultures of different countries. Each artist fills each circle with unique meanings. Concentrating on coloring such a picture helps to distract, relax. Thanks to the direction of thoughts, coloring the figures provides energy for fruitful introspection. The images inside the circle point in a certain direction. Our artists have prepared high quality drawings for online and print to find harmony around a single center and strengthen protection, the most important property of a circle.


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Mandala coloring pages for kids and their interpretations

So that you can understand the meaning of each image, we have described the conceptual language of the colors and shapes of the collection’s drawings.
Forms: The circle is a protection from the influence of the outside world. Triangle – the ability to move between roles, the transformation of goals. Square – stable balance and balanced harmony. Heart – of course love and a feeling of inner flight. Colors: Asterisk is our soul and conscious freedom.
Colors: White – purity and perfection. Black – our fears, experiences, anxieties. Gray is always a neutral color, meaning calmness. Red – energy, movement and even passion. Yellow – sunny day. Orange – creativity and movement. Pink – goodness, comfort and tranquility.
An example of image interpretation Coloring mandala flower.
Flowers give us positive joyful emotions, give us a sense of celebration and happiness. The circle protects this harmonious feeling of joy. Triangles seem to push us to embrace joy and love. Green combined with blue and red gives natural calmness and energy for transformation. Coloring such an image, we seem to get a huge bouquet of the most beloved flowers that will stand in our favorite vase for a very long time.

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