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Naughty dolls with big eyes have become a real phenomenon among girls. Opening the ball, the child finds a surprise inside. You can collect these cute creatures, as well as their sisters and pets. Our collection of LOL Doll Coloring Pages includes the most popular characters from series 1, 2, 3 and 4, CONFETTI POP, EYE SPY SERIES, BOYS SERIES, GLAM GLITTER, OMG. There is Unicorn, Queen Bee, Lady Diva and Lady Glamour, and of course Sweet Owl, puppy and sisters. The coloring pages of the collection are by far one of the most popular options among girls of preschool and primary school age, as they allow the child to express their own imagination and create a unique image for their favorite doll. Let our coloring pages give as many positive emotions as unpacking your favorite creatures with big eyes. Gather your collection of coloring pages and share them with your friends!



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LOL Doll Coloring Pages to print for free

Dolls, like their images, are distinguished by their pronounced attractiveness and beautiful appearance. Such characters have well-drawn facial features, hairstyles and clothing elements. This drawing option, which combines both realistic and cartoon styles, favorably distinguishes this category of pictures for girls from other types of illustrations. Girls are very fond of coloring dolls of different series. Print bright images and call the kids to draw.
In addition to the beautiful design, the coloring pages of these cuties are highly valued by girls for their variety, because in addition to standard collectible dolls, different series include pictures of baby dolls and baby sisters, cute pets, unique collectible characters, and even boys.
Stylish and beautiful dolls of the OMG series are one of the most popular series of toys for girls. The ubiquity of dolls in a ball has led to the fact that images of such characters began to decorate children’s clothes, backpacks, stationery and many other items, and also appeared on coloring pages.

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