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Collection of Kangaroo colouring pages – pictures of brave and cheerful herbivores who like to arrange a fight. They live on the largest island of our planet – in Australia. The pictures will introduce children to the woody, red and giant look of Australian hosts. Also, babies learn that the tail helps them keep their balance. They are fast, move in jumps, and the cubs are carried in an unusual bag on their stomach and reach speeds of up to 50 km / h. All illustrations can be colourized online or printed. In this video, we are happy to show you the magic of creating illustrations.


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Why do kids love Kangaroo colouring pages?

Before creating a collection, our illustrators collect information from educators and parents about what drawings are necessary for children. They take into account for what age the pictures are created, for what activities. Among the requirements for this collection were the following: images of the most famous realistic animals of different species are needed, in nature there are more than 60 species of them;
show that a marsupial can stand on its tail and at the same time inflict strong blows on the enemy; it should be clear that they are herbivores; reflect the personality of this outlandish animal with long legs and a bag;
prepare a plot to tell children about the ability of animals to jump 3 meters high and 9 meters long;
be sure to draw funny images of animals, related in meaning to real habits;
create postcards for Mother’s Day in Australia, which is celebrated there every year on the second Sunday of the month of May. We will tell children about the traditions of other countries using the example of Mother’s Day in Australia. Australians express their gratitude to their mothers and give red carnations and handmade gifts. Therefore, children give postcards to their mothers. Postcards always depict symbols of Australia and mother;
the ability to print pictures in high quality;
the convenience of colouring online on a computer.
When creating a collection of marsupials, illustrators took into account all the wishes. Here is a happy family for a walk. And here the real fight is like in the ring. The only thing missing is the audience! Here is someone galloping high on the Australian prairies. A small cub looks out of the mother’s bag. The ears are still poorly visible in the baby, the hind legs are poorly developed. For older children, there are anti-stress drawings with a lot of lines and patterns. Harmonious colour solutions from artists thought out to the shade. For kids – pictures that can be coloured in a couple of mouse clicks. And here are postcards for Mother’s Day in Australia. Call the kids to colour soon, draw online again and again!

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