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Collection Hello Kitty Coloring Pages – high quality pictures of a popular character of Japanese culture to color online and print. Why such popularity? The creator of this cutie dreamed of creating products that would give people joy. Bright and positive emotions. He wanted to make the world a better place. This is how the symbol of his company appeared – a snow-white cat with a bright red bow. She has a lot of friends! Designers took inspiration from children’s books when creating her looks and friends. This cutie is equally liked by both children and adults. She loves to swim, play the piano, drive a car. Choose from our collection of coloring pages and have fun coloring on paper or online over and over again.


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Hello Kitty Coloring pages: Friends

The creator of the characters Sanrio came up with not only the main character, but also her friends.
Robocat. Obligatory little cat with big black eyes and four whiskers. He is always the first to know the news. He loves to play with friends.
Bunny Kuromi. This snow-white fluffy creature is a real devil. She turns her most cherished dreams into nightmares. According to legend, she revives the spirit of dark forces.
Melody’s friend. Its creators drew it on the example of a red riding hood. Therefore, she has a pink hood, a flower in her hands and a bow. She loves almond cake and is kind and sweet.
Frog Keroppi. He lives by the donut pond with his parents and brother. She loves to swim, sing and boomerangs.
Chinomoroll puppy. He has such long ears that he can fly. It resembles a cinnamon roll because of the curly tail.
Badts Maru. Sad penguin with black hair. In 2006, he was the mascot for the FIFA World Cup in Japan. This is a first grader who dreams of growing up quickly and becoming a big boss. Collects photos of famous bad guys.
That’s how different they are – friends!

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