Fruits coloring pages


Collection of Fruits Coloring Pages – high quality pictures to color online or download. All images of fruits are large, with clearly traced contours, so even children of 3-4 years old, who are still learning to confidently hold felt-tip pens in their hands, will be able to create quite a pretty bright picture. In the process, a boy or girl will learn how to correctly select and combine colors, use pencils and paints, and remember the names of shades.


Benefits of the Collection – Fruits Coloring Pages

Coloring pictures is a great way to develop your baby’s fine motor skills. While painting the fruit, the child will be happy to listen to stories about the world around him: yellow lemons, orange oranges, red or purple grapes, learn that watermelon is actually a berry.
By painting pictures, young children will become more diligent, they will understand how important it is to bring the work started to the end. If the best coloring pages are hung on the wall in the children’s room, the young artist will surely want to replenish the gallery, collect a “basket” with painted fruits.
Black and white pictures can be downloaded for free as many times as you want. If the coloring is damaged – it does not matter, printing a new one is a matter of a few minutes.
If desired, fruit pictures are easy to color online, this is a great anti-stress option. We have a fairly large palette of colors and tools on our site that allow you to delicately paint over the areas outlined by the contours and erase unnecessary strokes. Using different shades, you can compose stories about how a green banana turns yellow, how apples, plums, pears or other fruits and berries change color as they ripen.
To enjoy drawing, just click on the picture you like and select the mode in which it will be more convenient for you and your child to color it.

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