Letters and French Alphabet coloring pages


French today is a combination of the vocabulary of Celtic, Germanic and Latin. Vocabulary is inextricably linked with the history of conquests and wars in France, as well as geographical ties. Pronunciation and dialects changed. In 1539, the structure and rules were given to the language, which served as the basis for its further strengthening throughout the world. Color the illustrations and learn new words.


Where French is used

French is a Romance language based on the Latin alphabet. Today it is spoken by about 80 million people, almost 200 million people use it as a second spoken language. French is spoken in 57 countries, but the largest number of French-speaking people live in France. There are regions in Canada where this language is the official first language. Official language of Lebanon. In the US and the European Union, it has already reached the third place in terms of use. In India, it is studied as a third language. French has more than a hundred words from the Celtic script, some Germanic and most of the words from Latin.

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