Letters and English Alphabet coloring pages


To make learning foreign languages ​​interesting, our illustrators have created a collection of English alphabet coloring pages. These are black and white cards with an image of an object and the first letter that begins the image. Funny coloring pages on cards with bright outlines can be colored online in different modes or downloaded for printing and drawn on paper. The teachers chose such illustrations so that it would be interesting to consider each coloring page and even compose a short story based on the picture. Such acquaintance with foreign languages ​​will be fun and useful! After all, kids will quickly remember what their new friends look like.


English alphabet coloring pages – how to help learning

The study of oral and written speech begins with an acquaintance with the alphabet. Previously, Anglo-Saxon runes were used in writing, which, after the seventh century, were supplanted by the Latin alphabet. Latin comes from the Iberian Peninsula. Latin came to Britain along with Christianity and brought many changes to writing. The Celtic language was supplanted. Gradually there was a transformation and mixing of writing. The Latin alphabet replaced the runes. The constant invasions of the Scandinavian warriors had a great influence. By the beginning of the 18th century, the writing that we know well was finally formed. The most common letter in words is E, the rarest is Q, and the most popular is T. Color in the most used letter E in English, the rarest Q, and the most popular T.
Looking at pictures for preschool children forms a path to reading. When coloring, it is important to discuss with the baby what is shown on them: “Look! What did the artist draw here? And what do you see next to the Angel or the Crocodile?” Through the story, the image and meaning of the coloring are connected. Considering the alphabet, we tell you how to pronounce sounds correctly. In fact, we are translating what is drawn into concepts. The child will eventually learn to build relationships between characters, understand the plot and tell us about it. Knowledge in the form of a game is absorbed faster. There is a desire to learn. The coloring pages of the collection will appeal to kids from 2 years old. Print or color online. It will be interesting!

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