Ships Coloring Pages


Beautiful ship coloring pages are a great opportunity to tell children about the sea. A child coloring a picture with a galleon will listen with pleasure that it was on such ships that Christopher Columbus reached America. The same sailboat will serve as the hero of different stories. It is worth painting the sails scarlet – and you can tell a fairy tale about Assol. The black flag will turn the galleon into a pirate ship. Legends about treasures at the bottom of the sea and the Flying Dutchman awaken the imagination, children become interested in history, geography, literature, and the inhabitants of the underwater world. Boys and girls will be interested to know how a military ship differs from a civilian ship, and a cargo barge from a steamship.


Ships coloring pages – why kids will like it

All coloring pages posted on our website can be downloaded or printed for free. Toddlers who have not yet learned how to properly hold pencils and felt-tip pens in their hands will surely enjoy using finger paints. The contours of the drawings are clear enough for even a novice artist to create a bright, beautiful picture.
By coloring pictures, children will learn how to combine colors correctly and develop fine motor skills. You can also work with coloring books online. It is enough to click on the shaded fragments, and they will automatically be painted in the desired color. If you want to use other colors – one click on the right vertical panel will make available a virtual felt-tip pen, brush, spray paint, eraser.
For children who are interested in the marine theme, we suggest looking at the coloring pages, which depict dolphins, fish, and various marine animals. Especially for those who love exciting stories, we have created pages with mermaids and pirates. Collections are constantly updated, so you won’t be bored!

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