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Collection of Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids – the sound of waves, a blindfold and a life full of adventures! We invite the children to get to know the pirates better. These dashing robbers love adventure, and they are just like us. Below is a great selection of coloring pages of pirates and their favorite activities: they love to have a tasty snack, they are friendly, they do not part with a parrot and are just very positive! All pictures can be colored online or printed and colored on paper with felt-tip pens, pencils or paints. Favorable wind!


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Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids – color and learn interesting things

There are many legends about pirates in books and movies. These brave sailors appeared as soon as navigation appeared. To combat them, the world’s first navy was created.
These brave travelers searched for treasures, robbed, hunted European ships en route from Europe to their colonies. Their ships were always faster and more powerful. Their ship could be easily identified by the flag. The flag was supposed to frighten the enemy before the start of the battle. In Athens, piracy was even legalized. Piracy has flourished in almost every country in the world since the Middle Ages. The golden era of this craft was the 17th century and the Caribbean.
The pirate code was strict. For example, it was impossible to fight on a ship. At eight in the evening, the lights inside the ship were extinguished. If someone could not sleep, he could walk along the moonlit deck. Divided the booty equally.
The sailors slept on hanging hammocks. Very often they got sick because of poor living conditions. Our brave sailors covered one eye with a black mark so that the eye could quickly adapt to the dark. On ships they kept animals that provided milk and eggs.
There are almost no modern sea robbers, because every ship is under control. Our artists have created romantic and frivolous robbers for children to color pictures and fantasize about sea voyages.

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