Panda Coloring Pages


A collection of Panda coloring pages for kids – an interesting story about a cute bear cub and his favorite activities. The illustrators have created a whole story through kind and sweet stories that could have been real. After all, bear cubs also love to swim, adore delicious drinks. They like to eat papaya. And in their dreams they want to be real surfers. Wow! It’s so cool! A pet named Po came to visit us. And for older children, we have prepared realistic bear cubs in nature and anti-stress coloring pages with many details for coloring online or on paper.


Panda Coloring Pages for Kids – Draw and Learn

We are all sure that this fluffy charming animal is a bear cub. Scientists argued for a long time whether it was a teddy bear or a raccoon. Even now there are different points of view. But more scientists are sure that these lazy goodies are bears. Two species are common in nature: black and white giant pandas and small red ones. They live in the Mountains of China and in the Eastern Himalayas, more often they live alone. Their height reaches 1.5 meters, weight up to 160 kg. They love bamboo leaves and stems. These cute creatures do not hibernate. After all, bamboo does not have many calories. Of course they eat fish and small animals. But this is not enough to stock up for the winter.
Twins are often born. The cub lives from the most to three years. Mom can take care of only one baby more often. They have 6 fingers on their paws so that it is convenient to clean the bamboo. Their numbers are gradually declining, so they are listed in the book of endangered species of animals. All illustrations of black and white handsome men can be colored online or printed for coloring on paper with your favorite multi-colored pencils or paints.

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