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Collection Houses Coloring pages – high quality black and white pictures to play online or download for coloring. It will be interesting for kids to draw and find out what buildings are, for whom they are intended. Fairy-tale log huts, one-story and multi-story panel buildings, a portable dwelling for Mongolian nomads, a yurt, and even a cozy place for a cat. What does Ali Baba’s cave look like? Choose pictures of different difficulty levels and color according to the model or create your own unique story.


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Houses Coloring pages for Kids – draw and tell

During its existence, mankind has built a huge number of different buildings, from straw huts to skyscrapers made of glass, iron and stone. Housing is necessary to protect from the weather and enemies, to raise children. Man has learned to build tall buildings that are not afraid of earthquakes. These structures are made of metal frames, since concrete and stone cannot withstand seismic loads. And so that they do not tip over, they make a special foundation on long deep piles. Inside tall buildings, special counterweights are made so that strong winds do not tilt the structure.
New building materials make it possible to build buildings with different architectural elements: columns, domes, arches, portals, pitched roofs of various shapes, balconies, bay windows and loggias. Each building is a reflection of the artistic style of an entire era and the culture of the peoples who build the buildings. The faith of the people, climatic features, the availability of knowledge about materials and methods of construction give rise to their own unique buildings.
In cities, apartment buildings have many windows and doors, balconies. Towers and spiers are more often located on temples. Beautiful theaters and museums are not complete without massive columns.
Coloring pages of the collection – a story about the buildings of different eras and nationalities, about fabulous and realistic buildings. Show your child how to change the coloring mode so that they can color the picture by numbers and letters. Save the results for memory, share with friends. Coloring pages will appeal to children from two years old and much older.

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