Hippo Coloring Pages


A beautiful collection of Hippo Coloring Pages for kids – ready-made plots of fairy tales and funny stories. After all, hippos have a very busy life! They help their parents around the house, in their free time – playing sports, dancing or just enjoying life, enjoying ice cream and fruit juice. Of course, we are not talking about real hippos, but about charming cartoon characters. Coloring pictures is an exciting activity, during which kids learn to use pencils, felt-tip pens, paints, and correctly combine shades.


Hippo coloring pages – online-game for kids

For coloring pictures, you can use the online mode. For convenience, in the online workspace, we marked the colors of individual segments with numbers. Click on the easel and select the online game mode. You can color by number, spell, and even solve math problems. The game can be started again and again.
The artists pre-colored each story to make it interesting to play. If the child wants to take the initiative, he can choose the colors himself in the free artist mode to create his own interesting story about the plot of the coloring through other color combinations. If desired, the same drawing can be easily colored in different ways, and then compare the results. All finished work can be saved or shared with friends.
You can paint over the selected parts of the picture with one click of the mouse by clicking on a certain color, or use a virtual “brush”, “felt-tip pen”, “spray can”, “eraser”.
Coloring is a tool for developing not only fine motor skills, but also correct speech, as well as logical thinking. Invite the child to talk about what is shown in the picture, come up with names for the heroes, dream up how they live and what they do.
Let’s start our little story for children. These one of the largest herbivorous mammals live in the fresh waters of Africa, the wet oases of the Savannah. Thick smooth skin, large head and nostrils, the body is shaped like a barrel, clumsy and clumsy on land, weight reaches 2 tons. They are excellent swimmers and graceful in the water. They live for about 40 years. On hot sunny days they save themselves in reservoirs, eat grass mainly at night. They never attack first, rather peaceful mammals. They live in herds of up to 15 individuals. Caring parents roll their cubs on their backs. They aggressively defend borders and may even attack people. Working with coloring pages, the little fidget will become more assiduous, learn to finish what he started.
The collections on our website are constantly updated. We also have coloring pages with other animals: elephants, dogs, tigers and even fabulous dragons. Come to visit us more often – we guarantee you will not be bored!

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