Helicopter Coloring Pages


The easiest way to explain this to a child is to show a collection of helicopter coloring pages. Why is it needed? How does it fly and land? What is the name of the pinwheel on top? How many people fit inside? By coloring pictures with rotorcraft, a little technology lover will combine business with pleasure: at the same time he will study aircraft technology, but also develop fine motor skills and learn from his parents what a propeller, steering wheel, instruments are.


Helicopter coloring pages – why do children like them so much

We have collected images of various rotorcraft on our website: from peaceful sports models and workers carrying cargo from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, to a formidable military helicopter with full ammunition. For children under the age of two, images of the collection with large, well-drawn fragments are suitable. If the kid is not yet “friends” with felt-tip pens and paints, he can easily paint such a picture with finger paints. Older boys will be delighted with the coloring page, which shows the cockpit with the steering wheel and dashboard.
All pictures can be downloaded for free from the site or printed immediately. And to instill in your child the skills of working with a mouse, coloring pages can be filled out online. The segments into which the coloring is divided are numbered, each number corresponds to a certain color. Just click on the shaded area – and it will be painted in the desired color, and the next empty segment will be shaded. If desired, the colors can be selected independently, for this you need to click on the vertical panel located on the right side of the screen. The virtual tools of the artist are located here: a felt-tip pen, a brush, a can of paint, an eraser.

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