Dragon Coloring Pages for Kids


Mythical dragon Coloring Pages for Kids – black and white illustrations of funny creatures to color online or on paper, by number or by letter, by pattern or in creative mode. Pictures will help you answer children’s questions about who these fantastic creatures are. In different cultures of the world, they were good and evil. A common feature of these fairy-tale heroes in our imagination is that they breathe fire and fly, have great strength and constantly guard gold.


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Dragon Coloring Pages for Kids – are they real?

Children often ask about this. Scientists all over the world are sure that this is fiction and myths of ancient people. However, do not rush to upset the kids. There are many similar creatures in nature. Of course, these are not the ones that fight with the knights, but they even know how to fly. So, here are those real animals and mammals that look like our mysterious strangers.
Dragonets are sea dragons with wing-like fins. They live close to the seabed, sandy coloring saves them from numerous marine predators. Sea Horses. Just take a closer look at them! The largest lizards in the world or Komodo monitor lizards are huge reptiles whose bite even kills deer and buffaloes. They are from Indonesia. Dragon-snakes that live in Malaysia and Indonesia.
Bearded dragons covered in spiky scales. This is a popular pet. In a stressful situation, their beard turns black. During the day, they change color by absorbing light.
Flying lizards from the Agamidae family that live in Southeast Asia. On the sides of the body are wide skin folds that allow them to glide up to 20 meters. Perhaps the most similar to real mythical mammals.
Centipedes-dragons – the smallest of the mysterious creatures, live in Southeast Asia, were discovered in China. On the body there are unusual protrusions in the form of spikes of a bright pink hue. Their almond flavor warns they are poisonous, and their bright hue warns predators of their toxicity.
Black dragon-fish. It can be found in the Atlantic Ocean, Black or Mediterranean Sea. A terrible and dangerous fish with sharp teeth, similar to ancient sea monsters.
There are other mammals in nature that are similar to our mythical strangers. It will be interesting for children to color the illustrations and dream about meeting them. Mythical heroes coloring pages are created for kids of all ages. Click on the easel, paint by number, by letter or by your inspiration.

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