Cactus coloring pages


Collection Cactus Coloring Pages are illustrations of perennial plants of the cactus family adapted to desert life. They are able to store water in stems, roots, leaves and slowly consume it. Plants are covered with thorns that provide shade, absorb moisture and protect against predators. Round and flat, from 8 mm to 20-25 meters in height, with bright flowers or fruits – live from 15 to 300 years. The section presents high quality drawings of the most famous realistic and magical indoor cacti. You can print or color online.


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Cactus coloring pages – coloring with benefit

The collection contains illustrations of famous cacti, which you must tell the children about while drawing. After all, this is how information is absorbed better.
Giant Cereus living in the deserts of Mexico and Arizona. Tetrahedral stem, height up to 20 meters, vanilla-scented flowers bloom from May to June.
Flat-eared Opuntia from subtropical America, consisting of many spines and bristles. She is featured on the coat of arms of Mexico. Lives both in the wild and at home.
Obregonia – a succulent in the form of a ball with large spines, tubercles in the form of triangles. White pubescence and beautiful white flowers form on obregonia. He loves to live exclusively in greenhouses. Loves care and attention.
Stapelia is a representative of the genus Lastovnevye. More than 100 species of this genus are found in nature. Homeland and habitat – South and South-West Africa near moisture. The extraordinary beauty and monstrous aroma of pink succulent flowers are remembered for a lifetime.
Greenish-brown Astrophytum interspersed with light spots is a desert plant. Grows at home and in the wild. It is similar in shape to Obregonia, but the ribs are less pronounced. Large needles are rare on representatives of Astrophytum. It blooms in summer, only one yellow-white flower appears. Only sometimes you can find an orange-red color.
Coloring pages about succulents will appeal to children, teenagers, and even adults. Realistic illustrations from our artists combined with cartoony coloring pages can be printed or colored online in different drawing modes. The coloring drawing area has an easel that can change adding numbers, letters and math examples inside the areas of all illustrations.

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