Butterfly coloring pages


Collection Butterfly coloring pages – black and white pictures of the most common insects on the planet. We offer the author’s collection of butterflies: spring urticaria, Apollo from the Red Book, admiral traveler, collectors’ favorite swallowtail, bright peacock eye. Two fragile wings with scales, three pairs of legs, feed on fruit juice, never sleep and even know how to dive – these are amazing butterflies. Unique masterpieces created by nature, a symbol of joy and love. There are more than 250 thousand of their varieties in the world, each of which is stunningly beautiful in its own way. Color adorable butterflies with unique colors online or on paper and get to know the world of insects closer.


Butterfly coloring pages – combine creativity and useful knowledge

The online coloring site offers a large selection of all kinds of butterflies:
Butterfly coloring on a flower is a bright and magical embodiment of summer, a combination of all the most beautiful colors and shades in one drawing. Butterfly cabbage – common and recognizable insects of powdery white color with a black border at the corners. Urticaria – one of the first fluttering, appearing in the very early spring with the advent of the first warm days. They have a very bright and colorful orange color with large black spots, and the edges of the wings are framed by small bright blue spots. Lemongrasses are very mobile and shy insects with a light color of wings, but at the same time a huge variety of color variations: from snow-white to light green. Admiral are real travelers, distinguished by the fact that they are able to travel very long distances in search of warmth. Peacock eye – bright fluttering creatures are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Their wings in red-brown tones with rich, brightest spots, reminiscent of eyes on peacock feathers, are striking even in the brightest colors. Swallowtail is the overwhelming majority of the vast family of sailboat butterflies, numbering more than 550 species worldwide. Exquisite, exclusive butterflies of rather large sizes are the object of desire for many collectors and entomology enthusiasts. Apollo with a unique color is listed in the Red Book. They are pure white in color with five bright black spots and a few red ones.
On our online coloring site you can find any kind of butterflies to create, embody and express the most vivid images and impressions of your child.

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